Cloud Services

Cloud Services

More and more businesses are looking to integrate cloud computing as a part of their IT environment. Whether it’s just a single application or multiple elements, cloud computing has its benefits; it provides a predictable cost model, is easy to scale, makes remote working a lot easier and provides increased resiliency.

Organisations that require the continued use of ‘on-premise’ infrastructure can still ulitise cloud services such as backup, storage and DR (disaster recovery). We can help bridge the gap so both your on premise and cloud solutions work in harmony.

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Cloud Technology

Cloud Technology comes in many different guises. Whether it’s Microsoft’s O365, backup/storage or telephony solutions, migrating to or taking on a new cloud service can be a minefield if not considered properly. We not only help you cut through the jargon and advise on what would work best for your needs and budget, but we will also assess whether you have the right connectivity to support cloud usage. Our years of experience ensures you receive sound advice, robust installations, safe migration and expert ongoing support and management.

Cloud Technology | Streym IT

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