IT Penetration Testing

Our penetration testing service covers the full range of applications, databases and operating systems used for your business.

Our IT penetration testing services are carried out by our London based, highly experienced penetration testing experts. Our penetration testing team have a wealth of knowledge in diverse IT disciplines including policy, design, implementation and development.

Here are some of the services our London based team cover in our penetration testing services:

  • Online exposure assessment

  • Infrastructure penetration testing

  • Firewall rule base review

  • Web application security testing

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Benefits Of Penetration Testing

The benefits of penetration testing are that you can approach, identifying and quantifying any potential risk in a business. We can help you proactively respond to any potential risks to your business. 

Our network penetration testing team actively attempt to ‘exploit’ vulnerabilities and exposures in a company’s infrastructure, applications, people and processes. So that they can report to you where your strengths and weaknesses are.

Benefits of penetration testing
Streym IT

Through exploitation, Streym is able to provide context around the vulnerability, impact, threat and the likely-hood of a breach in an information asset. Security assessments are also performed to identify weaknesses, misconfigurations, weak authentication implementations, sensitive information & data leakage, exploitation vulnerabilities etc.

  • Compliance & Audit

  • Migrating To or From The Cloud

  • Launching New Services

  • Buying 3rd Party Services

  • Merger/Takeover Due Diligence

  • Your Digital Exposure

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