Sunday, June 17, 2018


6 Benefits Of Proactive IT Support

Working proactively can help your business in lots of ways.

1. Better Decision Making

An IT support teams will maintain an overview of your system. They may use automated tools for this, with experts interpreting the data. This helps you to make informed decisions and identify any areas or weakness. Putting you in control of your business.

2. Budgeting

Proactively plan and budget your IT expenditure in a more strategic way. Typically a managed IT support service includes monitoring, updates and continuous health checks. Without the proactive support you may find yourself in a spot of trouble with unknown price tags attached.

3. Strategy

Assessing your assets for a thorough risk assessment is a long process, many fail to look at their computer systems on a strategic level.

However, poor IT can break your business. You need to take care of everything from hardware to software updates and ensure it’s worth the investment of time and cash.

4. Security

With cyber crime being one of the biggest threats to businesses and the incoming GDPR laws, data security has never been a hotter topic. You need to do everything in your power to look after business data. Proactive IT support will protect your network from cyber attacks and keep your data safe.

5. Morale & Productivity

IT can be a time stealer. Think of all the time you’ve spent retrieving a lost file or dealing with a paper jam. Then multiply it by all the people in your team. See how it quickly adds up? When computers don’t work, some people see it as an opportunity to do nothing until it’s fixed. Others become frustrated and demotivated because they can’t do their jobs.

Slash the risk of downtime and help create a proactive environment by being proactive. Productivity and happiness go hand in hand.

6. Disaster Recovery

Accidents happen. Major events such as fires, floods and cyber-attacks are a threat to all businesses and even severe weather events like snow storms don’t just happen abroad. If all your critical data is stored on a server which gets destroyed in a fire or flood, could your business survive?

Proactive IT teams will put disaster recovery plans in place and ensure all your data is backed up. That means that if the worst does happen, the information you need to survive will be completely safe and accessible.