Tuesday, December 21, 2021


Network Security Solutions to Support Remote Workers and Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is high on every executive’s to-do list, and it’s founded on the principles of innovation, business agility, and speed of delivery of products and services. For most organizations, the cloud is a critical piece of their transformation.

While SD-WAN can enhance application performance through traffic prioritization and steering, it fails to satisfy enterprise needs for strong security. What’s more, since SD-WAN appliances sit atop the underlying network infrastructure, the need for a high-performance and reliable network backbone is left unaddressed as well. Organizations require a WAN that is capable of optimizing traffic flow between any two points – not just to/from the enterprise LAN – without compromising security.

The Streym Cloud, the world’s first SASE platform, enables an organization to achieve this. Streym convergesSD-WAN, a global private backbone, sophos security services stack, and seamless support for cloud resources and remote workers and their mobile devices. It is an architectural transformation that will work with existing legacy technologies and also allows enterprise IT teams to advance networking and security to provide a holistic, agile, and adaptable service for the entire digital business.

Security has never been an add-on feature for Streym, instead it’s a core component that has been built-in from the ground up. The networking component and the security component are part of the same code base. As traffic passes through the network, it is evaluated simultaneously for security issues and network routing—and then it is routed over Streym’s private backbone.

Having network and security all on one platform, in a single-pass solution, has the advantage of deep visibility at wire speed even if the traffic is encrypted. The security inspection tools see everything on the network, not just logs. This provides deep and broad context – in Streym’s case, the context of all customers, not just one – to understand everything that is happening on the network and catch threats earlier in the kill chain. And it’s all delivered as a service so that customers don’t need to maintain anything.

Full Network Security Couldn’t Be Easier

Our network security solutions are delivered as a service, from the cloud, so there is never anything for the customer to install, update or maintain. The software and all its capabilities are fully integrated and always up to date. It is the best approach to keeping the attack surface of an enterprise network as small as possible, all while Fortinet supports an organization’s digital transformation needs.

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